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Compactness/convergence in Banach spaces

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    Been doing exercises on compactness/sequential compactness of objects in Banach spaces and some of my solutions come down to whether
    holds in

    a) arbitrary finite-dimensional Banach space
    b) lp, 1 <= p <= infinity

    Does it?
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    No, this does not hold. Consider the sequence in [itex]\ell^2[/itex]:

    and so on.
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    Doesn't hold for finite-dimensional Banach space as well?
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    It does hold for finite dimensional spaces since those are isomorphic to [itex]\mathbb{R}^n[/itex].
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    Thank you!
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    In general, in metrizable spaces, compactness and sequential compactness are

    equivalent. The unit ball is compact/seq. compact in a normed v.space V iff

    V is finite-dimensional.
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