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Comparing 8 analog signals and outputting the largest one

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    I drew a circuit using paint for this function. I was wondering what kind of individual comparator should I use to save the most power.

    Also, what are some less noob ways of going about this?

    sorry if stupid question. im an undergrad

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    Comparators give a high output if one input is higher than the other, and a low output if they are the other way around.

    They don't pass one of the inputs through to the output. You either get 5 volts or nothing (if "high" is 5 volts)

    There are analog switches (like the 4066) which allow analog signals to pass through if a control input is high but stop signals if the control input is low.

    Realistically, you should do this with a micro like a Picaxe chip or an Arduino.

    You could read the inputs with the A to D converters of the micro and output a 5 volt control signal on an output pin which then switches an analog switch to let that signal through to the output.
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    Thanks! that helped alot
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