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Compiling ./reconfig-all ./config-C

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    I am compiling an app from source and have a question. I first run ./reconfig-all (takes 1.5 hours) then I run ./configure -C. After this I see one of the packages is disabled. If I find the problem, do I have to go through this reconfig-all every time I try something new?

    (In this example the package that is disabled is gb.jit. The requirement for this is llvm-3.1. It is installed.)

    Where will I find hints of the problem? log files? BTW the package is Gambas3.3.4


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    Hi jelanier! :smile:

    The short anwer is: probably not.

    The purpose of a ./reconfig-all script is usually to generate a ./configure script.
    The purpose of the configure script is to prepare your project for a platform-dependent build, and also to specify which options you want to have.
    After that you usually have to run "make all".
    If you want to verify the build, you can usually use "make check" or "make test".
    And finally, you can use "make install" to install it (usually needs root privilege).

    To enable a package, you probably won't have to run ./reconfig-all.
    But you will need to rerun ./configure with some option to enable the package.
    Try ./configure --help or ./configure -h to find out what you should do.
    And after that rerun "make all".

    But... if it does not work for some reason, you will need "rm -rf" and redo everything. ;)
    (Read the error messages carefully before you do.)

    Hint: inspect the ./reconfig-all script.
    Usually it contains only a couple of lines.
    If it contains a line with a call to automake, it may suffice if you only call that one again.
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