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Complete vaporization time of water into superheated steam - DESUPERHEATER

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    Hi to all....i've a problem. i have to calculate the position and the time of complete evaporation of a continuous water flow wich is injected trough a nozzle into a continuous flow of steam in superheated condition. The position (and than the time) at wich i'm sure that there aren't water droplets is really important, 'cause i've to choose the position of a thermocouple wich detects the effetc in temperature of the desuperheating stage. Clearly, the measurement of the thermocouple is wrong if is reached by water droplets.

    I know all the macroscopic thermodynamic conditions of the system.

    In your opinion, i have to consider the water flow according to a continuous or discrete approach? And if discrete....how i could manually calculate the diameter of the droplets of water?

    I don't want to use CFD!!!!

    Could someone suggest a theoretic approach to the problem???
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