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Composite materials for payload shroud

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    We are looking at designing a 10" diameter, 48" long payload shroud (Ogive nose cone) for a large hobby rocket. We have done an aeroheating analysis based on the trajectory, so we have the max temp. experienced during ascent at several body points. We want to make the shroud out of composites and in order to size the shroud thickness, we need material property data (thermal conductivity, emissivity) for some yet-to-be identified candidate materials. What materials might we look at? I have access to the ASM materials databases, but I'm not really sure exactly what specific materials I should be targeting.

    Any thoughts?
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    One answer is "target the materials where the manufacturing technology for the part is within your time and cost constraints". Making any part that size from composites is unlikely to be trivial, but some options are a lot more non-trivial than others unless you have access to the right specialist equipment.
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