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Computer Science or Computer Engineering

  1. May 15, 2013 #1
    I had a conversation with a friend yesterday(he's writing his diploma thesis in Comp. Engineering at the moment), about which program(if that's the right word) I should choose but he didn't know the Comp. Sci. syllabus so he suggested me to ask here.

    I'm sure this question has been asked here, but the Comp. Eng. syllabus varies in different places. I've a friend in Budapest that's studying Comp. Eng. and his syllabus is different from the Comp. Eng. syllabus here.

    I've 3 months to decide what I'll choose for undergraduate but I want to take it out of the way so I can start getting ready.

    http://www.finki.ukim.mk/en/studies/KNI [Broken] - The Comp. Sci syllabus. I attended the preliminary speech by the dean and he said that this is the core of IT. It has no physics or electrical engineering.

    http://www.finki.ukim.mk/en/studies/IKI [Broken] - The Comp. Eng. syllabus. The Dean said that this has roots from electrical engineering and IT. Too bad I couldn't have a chat with him...

    The university is 180km far from home and the ride is 5h in one direction so I can't go every time I decide to change my mind.

    The first two semesters don't matter, I'm more interested in the specialization subjects that come after. I read that computers will no longer play a passive role in our everyday lives as an input tool, intelligent systems are the future of information technology. Also, the invention of wireless electricity will be very big in the future, but that's just a random thought by me.

    There are also profiles that I can choose, profiles that have the elective subjects chosen for you. For example:
    Software Engineering - http://www.finki.ukim.mk/mk/studies/profil-si [Broken]
    Hardware Engineering and system in a chip - http://www.finki.ukim.mk/mk/studies/profil-hisc [Broken]
    Parallel Processing - http://www.finki.ukim.mk/mk/studies/profil-pp [Broken]
    Intelligent Systems and Robotics - http://www.finki.ukim.mk/mk/studies/profil-isr [Broken]
    Information Systems - http://www.finki.ukim.mk/mk/studies/profil-is [Broken]

    Too bad I can't find an English translation.

    So what do you think about the syllabuses and the profiles(if you can translate them in English, I think there's an add-on in chrome that does that) ? What do you think the future holds? Every reply, suggestion, advice and whatnot would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks :)
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    I had a very brief look at the english links in your post. From what I see compsci looks like it has more to do with algorithm and coding, mostly the software side of things. Whereas compeng looks like it has more hardware related courses. Either programs appear to be very useful when finding jobs. So it will really come down to which courses look more attractive to you.
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