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Homework Help: Computer Simulation of Magnetic Field

  1. Mar 7, 2014 #1
    Okay in class we performed a lab consisting of a Helmholtz pair and we need (to compare to experimental values) to model the magnetic field through a computer simulation. Most of the class is probably going to use MATLAB but I do not have it nor know how to use it. So in this case the teacher suggested I try using excel, which I also do not have much experience with. Like I can use excel to produce charts and graphs but when it comes to mathematical equations and what not I get sort of confused.

    We are given the equation for the Riemann sum of the magnetic field at point r = (x,y,z). This equation is shown in the picture. We are supposed to calculate the magnetic field along the axis of the two rings and 20 cm above the axis of the two rings.

    So my FIRST question(s) lays here:
    Given the equation for the magnetic field in all directions (the equation shown is only only of three equations, x y and z components of the magnetic field however I am sure if I receive the help I need for one I can figure out the other two in the same manner) am I supposed to first put in all the values into cells. That meaning should I put the value for μ, I, a, θ, and Δθ into their own cells, and then have the Riemann sum containing the cells which are the values needed for the equation to be used properly in calculation?

    Also should I break this sum into different components as well? Since the equation contains brackets such as [(acosθi)(z-z')] should each bracket (____) be its own cell so that the Riemann sum will be simplified by A1*A2?

    Last one [for now] how would I get the sum to calculate the magnetic field for lets say n=50 partitions

    Thanks for any help, I am sure once I get deeper into this lab report I will become more confused as well.

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    for some reason my attachment was uploaded sideways? Even though my picture is normal on my computer.
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    Break your long formulas up into bite-size pieces. Set up a table starting with the basic input like x,y,x, and θ and then set up formulas to do some of the intermediate calculations.

    There are all kinds of books which show you how to use Excel, and there are tutorials on the internet if you can't get to a library. In order to learn how to use Excel or MATLAB, you've got to start out with small problems and work into more complex ones.
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