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Concentration with my physics major

  1. Jun 9, 2009 #1
    Should I take a concentration with my physics major?
    What are the benefits?
    I'm interested in astrophysics, should I take a materials science or astronomy concentration?
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    Re: concentrations

    Are you planning on going to graduate school to do a PhD in astrophysics? If so, then I wouldn't recommend taking too many astro courses right now. I've found that physics is actually a better preparation for astrophysics graduate programs than an undergraduate education in astro. Granted, I'm in particle astrophysics (which is definitely more physics than astronomy), so take my personal observations for what they're worth...
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    Re: concentrations

    If you know where your interests lie, then yes, go for a concentration that suits those interests. It's not so much that the name of the concentration matters as that it means you'll be maximizing the number of relevant courses to help you get into grad school or a particular career in that specialty area.

    If someone is not sure what specific area they want to go into, then I don't think concentrations are very important and it's better to take more variety of courses within the major until you find your interest.
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