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Homework Help: Conceptual Torque/Angular Momentum question

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    I just need an explanation:
    A spinning bicycle wheel is mounted on an axle you can hold in your hands. You hold it in front of you with the axle horizontal. The direction of the angular momentum vector is to your right. You then rotate the axle clockwise in a vertical plane as seen by you. Because of the torque you exert on it the axle will additionally tend to turn (as seen by you) so that the left side moves into the page and the right side moves out.

    Why would the left side move into the page and the right side move out?

    Here's the diagram:

    L is pointing down the right side of the rod, so the wheel is spinning "towards" you (the viewer).

    Someone please explain this to me!!! Thanksss
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    Filip Larsen

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