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Concerning Quantum Phenomenon the Center of the Torus

  1. Jan 9, 2015 #1
    Concerning Quantum Phenomenon:

    I understand the effects of liquid nitrogen on the magnetic fields. However If you ran a tube of liquid nitrogen in the center of a torus magnet or toroidal inductor - would the magnetic field increase, toroidal magnetic vector potential increase. (Zero-point energy) (Electric dipole moment)? Are there any papers on supper conducting torus magnets?
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    I have a hard time piecing together what you are asking. Where exactly is the nitrogen? Inside the torus (thus replacing the usual ferrite material) or outside, going through the hole in the middle?
    If option 1, your magnetic field will drop massively since nitrogen will nowhere near capture the magnetic field like a ferrite material does. If option 2, its virtually irrelevant what is on the outside, as the very point of a toroidal inductor is to contain the field inside the torus.

    How does zero-point energy play into this?
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    Concerning option 1. The nitrogen is inside the coil, inside the solenoid.

    I understand superconductivity zero electrical resistance and expulsion, ejection of magnetic fields (Meissner effect).

    Does the circular flow of a magnetic field, flowing north to south, around the electromagnetic field enter some quantum alignment, polarization, Zero-point energy, lowest possible energy also called quantum vacuum zero-point energy.

    What keeps a magnetic field perpetuating?

    Would liquid nitrogen mixed with iron increase the magnetic field?
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