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Concerns about double beta decay plus/double electron capture

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    Hello fellas!
    Ok, so we have the isotope Nickel-58 which can decay (still theoritically) to Iron-58 through double beta decay plus (bb+), my question is... imagine this decay is actually demonstrated (just figure it), so the transmutation into the iron isotope actually works... would the ejected particles released in the process "attack" neighbour Nickel isotopes' inner nucleus? Like Nickel-60 and Nickel-62, or will it just affect the outern electron cloud orbitals? (Remember that's how a radioluminiscent glass works) I think it is difficult but Im not sure :S
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    The positrons would lose their energy by Bremsstrahlung and ionization, and annihilate with electrons once they are slowed down. The other nuclei don't care about those processes.
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    Thanks! I'm a Nickel fan ^^
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