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Concise and complete textbook on non-relativistic QM

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    I've searched high and low for a terse (yet complete) introduction to the foundations of non-relativistic QM. Shankar is unparalleled in terms of completeness, yet it is infuriatingly verbose. Landau's presentation is a bit dated and difficult to follow in many instances. It is also not as mathematically rigorous as I'd like.

    I'd say Ballentine has come closest to satisfying my aforementioned requirements, although it has many subtle errors (at least in its first couple of chapters). Are there any books I've missed in my search?
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    Dirac's Principles of Quantum Mechanics is terse and good. I'm not sure what you mean by complete.
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    Thanks, I had never heard of Dirac's book until now. By "complete", I mean self-contained, so the reader does not have to refer to external sources due to the author imprecisely glossing over important topics. Landau, Shankar and Ballentine are complete/comprehensive. Griffiths, Scherrer and Cohen-Tannoudji are not.
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