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Engineering Electronic circuits analysis textbook dealing with.....

  1. Jul 14, 2015 #1
    Hey all,
    I would like to ask your recommendation for analogue electronic circuit analysis textbooks ( diodes ,transistors and op amps etc.... ) dealing with the following topics

    Logic gates general description and their application using analogue electronics


    1)Non-ideal model of operational amplifier
    2)finite open loop gain analysis
    3)Schmitt-trigger analysis

    Well ,I have crossed the library halls ,reviewing dozens of books and simply couldn't find one complete analogue electronics textbook analysing *rigorously* these topics

    I must say -I have read Sedra&Smith -it was the closest book meeting my requirements....yet as mentioned I'm looking for the best textbook out there
    I have paid attention to the fact many of you recommending "The Art Of Electronics" .However, its not as rigorous as I need ,and missing theoretical explnations (in my opinion)

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. Jul 15, 2015 #2
    You are right that Horowitz and Hill is much more practical than theoretically rigorous.

    Good enough for an experimental physicist though.
  4. Jul 15, 2015 #3
    Ok ,Thank you for your reply.

    Yet ,I still need any recommendation for any theoretical book
    dealing with the subjects mentioned above
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