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Homework Help: Conical pendulum

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    1.The string of a conical pendulum is 1m long and the bob has mass 100g. It rotates at 0.5 revolutions per second.

    a) Find the angle that the string makes to the vertical.
    b) Find the tension in the string
    c) If the maximum tension which the string can bear is 2N, what is the maximum rate at which the bob can rotate without the string snapping?


    So - when a bob is swinging like this is the radius is equal to the length of the string -1m?
    In question a) it asks for the angle that the string makes to the vertical. I suppose this angle is the angle between the radius line and the string line?

    Could someone please help me start this problem?
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    Better to start with a free body diagram to find out the angle and tension.
    And yes radius won't be 1m as the string is inclined. Rather a trigono. function of the angle the string makes.
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    Look at this:

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