What is Conical pendulum: Definition and 65 Discussions

A conical pendulum consists of a weight (or bob) fixed on the end of a string or rod suspended from a pivot. Its construction is similar to an ordinary pendulum; however, instead of swinging back and forth, the bob of a conical pendulum moves at a constant speed in a circle with the string (or rod) tracing out a cone. The conical pendulum was first studied by the English scientist Robert Hooke around 1660 as a model for the orbital motion of planets. In 1673 Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens calculated its period, using his new concept of centrifugal force in his book Horologium Oscillatorium. Later it was used as the timekeeping element in a few mechanical clocks and other clockwork timing devices.

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  1. P

    B Calculating g with a Conical Pendulum

    In analysing the conical pendulum, it can be shown that the period is given by T=2pi.sqrt(L.cos(phi)/g) and that therefore, g = 4.pi^2.L.(cos(phi)/T^2). L = pendulum length, phi is measured at the top of the pendulum (at the point of suspension). Graphing cos(phi) vs T^2 should produce...
  2. A

    Conical Pendulum with varying string length

    Consider a conical pendulum like that shown in the figure. A ball of mass, m, attached to a string of length, L, is rotating in a circle of radius, r, with angular velocity, ω. The faster we spin the ball (i.e., the greater the ω), the greater the angle, θ, will be, and thus, the smaller the...
  3. brotherbobby

    Work done on a conical pendulum

    The diagram for the problem is shown alongside. In the vertical (##\hat z##) direction we have ##T \cos \theta = mg##. In the plane of the pendulum, if we take the pendulum bob at the left extreme end as shown in the diagram, we have ##T \sin \theta = \frac{mv^2}{r}## (the ##\hat x## axis of...
  4. S

    Conical Pendulum Height Issue

    So in this instance height is longer than the 3m string which is impossible. Do we just say that when ever H>L, H=L?
  5. Mason Smith

    Lagrangian and Equations of Motion for Conical Pendulum

    Here is a picture of the problem. I have chosen the origin to lie in the middle of the circle around which the mass moves. I have also chosen the z axis to pass through the origin and through the vertex of the right circular cone. The x-axis and y-axis are so that one when curls his or her...
  6. H

    Lab: Conical Pendulum - Understanding A & Unit

    So I'm doing a lab in class, and when I graphed the Period vs Length of the string, I got it in the form $T=A\sqrt{L}$, but I don't really know what the value $A$ represents nor what its unit is... Can someone help me?
  7. StrangelyQuarky

    Conical pendulum in rotating frame

    Homework Statement A pendulum of length l at the north pole is moving in a circle to the east at an angle \theta to the vertical. It has some period T_E as measured in the rotating Earth frame. The experiment is then repeated except now the pendulum is moving to the west with period T_W...
  8. diazdaiz

    Kinematics and dynamic circular motion of conical pendulum

    Homework Statement [/B] find the period with only using L (for the long of the rope), R (for the radius), M (for the mass), and G (for the gravity) Homework Equations V=ωR Fcentripetal = ##\frac {MV^2} {R}## Fgravity = MG phytagoras basic trigonometry The Attempt at a Solution [/B] i have...
  9. Cosmophile

    Kleppner/Kolenkow: Conical Pendulum & Angle with Vertical

    Homework Statement Mass ##M## hangs from a string of length ##l## which is attached to a rod rotating at constant angular frequency ##\omega##. The mass moves with a steady speed in a circular path of constant radius. Find ##\alpha##, the angle the string makes with the vertical. Homework...
  10. P

    Question about a Conical Pendulum

    Homework Statement A conical Pendulum, a uniform, thin rod of mass m and length l, rotates about a vertical axis with angular velocity omega. Find the angle between the vertical and the rod. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I know the usual approach to solve this question, write the...
  11. physicszilla

    Conical Pendulum with lift and tension

    Homework Statement A model airplane has a small gas powered motor in it to allow it to fly. It is tethered its controller by a long cord. The plane will fly in a circle at the end of this cord around the controller who uses the tether to control the altitude of flight of the plane. Currently...
  12. S

    Why is component reverse in Conical Pendulum?

    Hello. In class today, we studied conical pendulum but I was confused at the part about its components. In all the diagrams ( http://dev.physicslab.org/img/90c0fb7a-ffb4-4573-b389-b50a559732c8.gif ) if shows The x-component as being sine, but I always thought x-comp was cos?? (...
  13. G

    Conical pendulum with two charges

    The sistem above is the one I'm interested in. There is two equally charged spheres spinning on a plane. The line has L=\sqrt{2} m and the spheres weight 0.6Kg. The angular speed is \omega = 2rad/s. The radius for the circular trajectory is R=1m and so the centripetal force is...
  14. M

    How to control velocity in a conical pendulum

    Homework Statement I'm doing an EPI on horizontal circular motion and for one test the independent variable is mass and I need to control the velocity by using the 2πr/T formula. So I know how to use the forumula to find an unknown but how do I use it for two unknowns (r and T). Is there a...
  15. P

    Conical Pendulums: Net Force, Changing Omega & More

    In the book "Introduction to Mechanics" by K&K, in the section on conical pendulums, the net force in the ##\hat{k}## direction is set to zero, since the ##z##-coordinate of the particle doesn't change. However, later on the effect of changing ##\omega## on ##\alpha## (the angle the rod makes...
  16. Satvik Pandey

    Angular Momentum of a conical pendulum.

    Homework Statement A small ball of mass m suspended from a ceiling at a point O by a thread of length l moves along a horizontal circle with constant angular velocity ##\omega##. Find the magnitude of increment of the vector of the ball's angular momentum relative to point O picked up during...
  17. O

    An issue with Conical Pendulums

    Homework Statement A conical pendulum with an unelastic tether has a mass of 4.25 kg attached to it. The tether is 2.78 m. The mass travels around the center every 3.22 seconds. What angle does the rope make in relation to its original position? m=4.25 kg T=3.22 s L=2.78 m Homework Equations...
  18. J

    Time period of a conical pendulum by D'Alembert's principle

    Homework Statement Finding the time period of a conical pendulum by D'Alembert's principle. The string is of a constant length and all dissipations are to be ignored. Homework Equations The time period of a conical pendulum is 2\pi \sqrt{\frac{r}{g\tan\theta}}. I need to arrive at this result...
  19. matineesuxxx

    Speed of conical pendulum at angle alpha to horizontal

    Homework Statement Assuming we know the length of the string L, radius of the swept out circle r, angle formed by string and centre of circle, \theta, and angle the swept out circle is to the horizontal, \alpha, what is the speed, v, of the mass if it is constant? picture...
  20. D

    Tough physics problem. Conical pendulum.

    Homework Statement Hey, thanks for taking a look at this. "The figure below shows a conical pendulum, in which the bob (the small object at the lower end of the cord) moves in a horizontal circle at constant speed. (The cord sweeps out a cone as the bob rotates.) The bob has a mass m...
  21. S

    Calculate Tension in String of Conical Pendulum

    A mass of 80g is moving in a horizontal circle supported by a string 1.2m long suspended from a fixed point in the centre of the circle. The mass completes each revolution in 0.85s. Calculate the tension in the string. Relevant equations: I'm not entirely sure, but these were the ones I...
  22. P

    The factor of tension and frequency increase in a conical pendulum?

    This, is just a concept question: My teacher gave the Answer has something like this: However I understand most of it, except the part where it says: What is happening in this? Where does the 4*pi^2*L*sin(theta) come from, and how is v found? why is f = 1/t?
  23. G

    Conical pendulum question - I really don't know what to do - ?

    Homework Statement A particle of mass 15g is attached to the end of a string of length 50cm, rotating at 6rads-1 to form a conical pendulum. Find a) The tension in the string Find b) The angle 2. The attempt at a solution Okay I get that Tcosθ= mg & TSinθ=...
  24. L

    Conical Pendulum, find tension, radial force, speed, period, and angular speed

    Homework Statement A metal sphere is attached to the end of a string and then set in motion such that it rotates in a horizontal circle as shown in the sketch. The metal sphere has a mass of 0.5kg and the radius of the circle is .2m. 1)Find the tension in the string 2)Calculate the radial...
  25. S

    Conical pendulum circular motion question

    Homework Statement By resolving forces horizontally and vertically and using Newton's second Law, find an expression for the angle swung out of a Chair-o-plane ride. Im just not really sure how to resolve the forces vertically and horizontally. Homework Equations So far I know that...
  26. I

    Conical pendulum question help?

    Conical pendulum question help!? Homework Statement By resolving forces horizontally and vertically and using Newtons second law, find an expression for the angle swung out. You must use calculus where needed. Use this analysis to answer questions 1-3 Q1: Will a child swing at a greater...
  27. M

    Conical Pendulum Problem: Mass, Length, and Revolutions Per Minute

    Homework Statement A particle of mass 6 kg is attached to the centre B of a light inextensible string of length 10m. One end of the string is attached to a point A and the other end to a point C which is distance 8m directly below A. The particle is moving in a horizontal circle, with both...
  28. T

    Conical Pendulum proof of constant frequency

    Homework Statement A pendulum consists of a particle of mass m at the end of a light rigid rod of length l, the other end of the rod being freely attached to a stationary point 0. Let e(t) be a unit vector pointing along the rod, so that the position vector relative to 0 of the...
  29. J

    Two Masses on Same String - Conical Pendulum

    3.(a) A particle P, of mass 0.03kg, is attached to one end of a light inextensible string OP, of length 1 m. The other end of the string is attached to a fixed point O. The particle moves in a horizontal circle, with centre vertically below O, at an angular speed of 2 revolutions per second. The...
  30. V

    Pendulums with Mechanical Energy (conical pendulum?)

    Homework Statement The pendulum bob in Figure 6.11 must circle the rod interrupting its swing, and the string must remain taut at the top of the swing. How far up must the bob be raised before releasing it to accomplish these goals? Homework Equations Potential Energy = mgh Kinetic...
  31. J

    Torque and angular momentum of a conical pendulum

    Homework Statement A ball (mass m = 250 g) on the end of an ideal string is moving in circular motion as a conical pendulum as in the figure. The length L of the string is 1.85 m and the angle with the vertical is 37°. What is the magnitude of the torque exerted on the ball about the...
  32. K

    Circular motion (conical pendulum)

    A ball, B, of mass 2kg is attached to one end of a light, inextensible string. The string passes through a smooth, fixed ring, O, and a second Ball, A, of mass 4 kg, is attached to the other end. B is made to move as a conical pendulum while A hangs vertically below the ring. If the speed of B...
  33. G

    Solved: Conical Pendulum: Calculating Tension & Period

    Homework Statement Fig. 6-53 shows a conical pendulum, in which the bob (the small object at the lower end of the cord) moves in a horizontal circle at constant speed. (The cord sweeps out a cone as the bob rotates.) The bob has a mass of 0.012 kg, the string has length L = 0.86 m and...
  34. K

    Angular velocity of a conical pendulum in rpm

    Homework Statement A conical pendulum is formed by attaching a 0.900 kg ball to a 1.00 m long string, then allowing the mass to move in a horizontal circle of radius 20.0 cm . What is the ball's angular velocity, in rpm? Homework Equations v=\sqrt{}L*g*sin(\vartheta)*tan(\vartheta)...
  35. H

    Conical Pendulum - Radius

    Homework Statement This setup of a conical pendulum is actually at the end of crane which is rotating, however I do not think that this should effect the situation: I need to calculate the radius so that I can then add this to the radius of the crane which will give my actual required...
  36. L

    Conical Pendulum: Find Angle, Tension, Maximum Rate of Rotation

    1.The string of a conical pendulum is 1m long and the bob has mass 100g. It rotates at 0.5 revolutions per second. a) Find the angle that the string makes to the vertical. b) Find the tension in the string c) If the maximum tension which the string can bear is 2N, what is the maximum rate...
  37. T

    Conical Pendulum Concept Questions

    Homework Statement Q1. I am currently doing a physics assignment where i must answer some concept questions about a conical pendulum. So here they are: Does the centripetal acceleration and/or the net force alter if the launch angle changes? Q2. Would the centripetal acceleration and/or...
  38. O

    How to find the tension of the cord (Conical Pendulum)?

    Homework Statement Hey, we have this mechanical bat that is attached to a cord and its flying around in a circle on the ceiling. Here is all the information that I have gathered. Mass of the bat: 0.1345 kg 1.609 seconds per revolution length of cord: 0.92 m height from ceiling: 0.65...
  39. I

    Conical Pendulum with free sliding ring

    Homework Statement A particle of mass m is tied to the middle of a light, inextensible string of length 2L. One end of the string is fixed to the top of a smooth vertical pole. The other end is attached to a ring of mass m, which is free to slide up and down the pole. The particle moves in a...
  40. T

    NEED HELP A ball swung in a conical pendulum (circular motion?) question.

    Homework Statement A .30kg ball is swung in a conical pendulum whose length is 95cm. If the string makes an angle of 22 degrees with the vertical, what are (a) the balls speed and (b) the tension in the string Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I drew a freebody...
  41. N

    Conical Pendulum | Physics Motion Laws

    http://img25.imageshack.us/my.php?image=77494342.jpg I can do the first part, however am unsure of how to deduce the motion cannot take place unless the inequality is satisfied. Can someone please explain this part? Thanks
  42. P

    Help with conical pendulum problem

    Homework Statement okay here is the problem: A conical pendulum is formed by attaching a 500g ball to a 1.0m long string, then allowing the mass to move in a horizontal circle of radius 20cm. What is the tension in the string? Homework Equations My professor gave a hint that said use the...
  43. C

    Swinging in a conical pendulum

    Homework Statement A conical pendulum is formed by attaching a 0.900 kg ball to a 1.00 m-long string, then allowing the mass to move in a horizontal circle of radius 10.0 cm. The figure (Intro 1 figure) shows that the string traces out the surface of a cone, hence the name. (Figure Attached)...
  44. C

    Conical Pendulum: Mass, Speed, Frequency & Trajectory Explained

    Conical Pendulum--- did I do this right? Homework Statement A ball is attached to a string with length of L. It swings in a horizontal circle, with a constant speed. The string makes an angle (theta) with the vertical, and T is the magnitude of the tension in the string. 1)Determine the...
  45. W

    Understanding F=ma: How to Prove It with Conical Pendulum Equations"

    It's not a problem, it's a proof. The trouble being that I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to be proving, which is why I'm getting so confused. Our instructor told us to verify F=ma using the equations that we got from a conical pendulum lab. When further prompted, he said to divide them...
  46. B

    Why is the speed of a particle in a conical pendulum related to the angle theta?

    Homework Statement A particle is suspended from a fixed point by a light inextensible string of length a. Investigate 'conical motions' of this pendulum in which a string maintains a constant angle \thetawith the downward vertical. Show that , for any acute angle theta ex], a conical...
  47. Y

    Can a flying pig float in water like a conical pendulum?

    I have a question about the flying pig. A flying pig is just a toy pig with wings that is hung from the ceiling with a string. When you turn it on, it flies in a circle and shows concepts of conical pendulum. But it only flies in one direction. If you push the pigs in the opposite direction...
  48. Y

    Conical Pendulum: Physics Behind Its One-Way Motion

    When you hang a pendulum from the ceiling and spin it, (conical pendulum) why does it only spin in one direction? What's the physics behind the motion and the forces of it that makes it spin in only one direction?
  49. S

    Conical Pendulum Homework: Determine Force, Find Radial Acceleration

    Homework Statement Consider a conical pendulum with a 81.0 kg bob on a 10.0 m wire making an angle of theta= 2.00° with the vertical. (a) Determine the horizontal and vertical components of the force exerted by the wire on the pendulum. (b) What is the radial acceleration of the bob...