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Connecting solenoids to power supply

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    For a project,we thought of making solenoid engine. We made everythig by hand, including the DC power supply. The power supply worked very well, it's puts out like 20v 1A, and it was fine still after testing it for a long time connected to DC motor. When we connected it to a solenoid coil (directly to the positive and negative without any iron core inside) the LED which we fixed inside the converter dimes and the solenoid isnt actually pulling any nails when kept at the mouth of the solenoid. Should I be connecting anything with the solenoid for it to work?
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    Either or both:
    • An iron core in the solenoid
    • A higher current power supply

    The strength of an electromagnet, solenoid, increases when you increase:
    • Number of turns
    • Current thru it
    • Magnetic characteristics of the core
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    The LED dims because the voltage of the power supply decreases. The solenoid acts as a heavy load on the power supply, trying to draw more than 1Amp and the power supply can not supply it.
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