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Homework Help: Constant angular acceleration of a rotating wheel

  1. Apr 19, 2010 #1
    A rotating wheel requires 4.7 s to rotate
    through 33.5 rev. Its angular speed at the
    end of the 4.7 s interval is 45.5 rad/s.
    What is its constant angular acceleration?
    Assume the angular acceleration has the same
    sign as the angular velocity.
    Answer in units of rad/s2.


    Ive got a page of failed equations on my paper, and i need a push in the right direction.
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    Hi jscherf92! :smile:

    The question doesn't give you the initial angular velocity, so I don't think we can assume it's zero.

    So use a standard constant acceleration formula with s t a and v (angular version) :wink:
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