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Construct a rotation matrix out of another rotation matrix

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    The following is my problem: I have a rotation and rotation matrix, based on rotations around coordinate A(x1,y1,z1). But actually, the rotation found place around coordinate B(x2,y2,z2).

    How can I adjust my rotation and translation matrix, so that it is adjusted for the rotations around coordinate B?
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    Hi TravelGirl! :smile:

    A rotation along AB is the same for both representations.

    For rotations about axes AK and BK' perpendicular to AB, use σk'σk = … ? :wink:
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    Maybe I explained my problem incorrectly, I am sorry for that.

    Based on the rotations around point A, I received landmarks of the object I rotated and also got a rotation and translation matrix.
    Though, actually I should rotate around B, and correct the positions of my landmarks for this.

    So how do I correct my matrices for rotating around B in stead of A.
    (and what does 'K' mean in your explanation? )
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