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Homework Help: Continuity and measuring resistance.

  1. Mar 22, 2013 #1
    This question is for a project I'm doing for my circuits class.

    I'm trying to diagnose a problem. Basically I got this coil. I measured the resistance of the coil by connecting the ends of my multimeter to the uncoated ends of the coil. I got a resistance value.
    However, when I tried checking for continuity of the coil from the 2 ends, it shows up as an open circuit.

    My question is is it possible to have a noticeable resistance from a coil, but no continuity?

    My understanding is that with no continuity, you have an open circuit. An open circuit is basically infinite resistance, but the resistance I measured was about 80 ohms.
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    Sounds like your meter has a problem. Are the batteries fresh? What was the resistance value? If you connect the same value resistor to your meter, what does the continuity reading indicate?
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