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In fiction, continuity is a consistency of the characteristics of people, plot, objects, and places seen by the reader or viewer over some period of time. It is relevant to several media.
Continuity is particularly a concern in the production of film and television due to the difficulty of rectifying an error in continuity after shooting has wrapped up. It also applies to other art forms, including novels, comics, and video games, though usually on a smaller scale. It also applies to fiction used by persons, corporations, and governments in the public eye.
Most productions have a script supervisor on hand whose job is to pay attention to and attempt to maintain continuity across the chaotic and typically non-linear production shoot. This takes the form of a large amount of paperwork, photographs, and attention to and memory of large quantities of detail, some of which is sometimes assembled into the story bible for the production. It usually regards factors both within the scene and often even technical details, including meticulous records of camera positioning and equipment settings. The use of a Polaroid camera was standard but has since been replaced by digital cameras. All of this is done so that, ideally, all related shots can match, despite perhaps parts being shot thousands of miles and several months apart. It is an inconspicuous job because if done perfectly, no one will ever notice.
In comic books, continuity has also come to mean a set of contiguous events, sometimes said to be "set in the same universe."

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  1. B

    Show that f such that f(x+cy)=f(x)+cf(y) is continuous

    We need to show that ##\lim_{x \rightarrow a}f(x)=f(a), \forall a \in \mathbb{R}## . At first, I tried to show that f is continuous at 0 and from there I would show for all a∈R. But now, I think this may not even be true. I only got that f(0)=0. I'm very confused, I appreciate any help!
  2. hilbert2

    I Idea about single-point differentiability and continuity

    Many have probably seen an example of a function that is continuous at only one point, for example ##f:\mathbb{R}\rightarrow\mathbb{R}\hspace{5pt}:\hspace{5pt}f(x)=\left\{\begin{array}{cc}x, & \hspace{6pt}when\hspace{3pt}x\in\mathbb{Q} \\ -x, &...
  3. S

    Why the B-W Theorem is used when proving continuity implies uniform continuity?

    In my textbook when proving continuity implies uniform continuity (which is very similar to the proof given here), BWT is used to find a converging subsequence. I cannot see why this is needed. Referring to the linked proof, if we open up the inequality ##|x_n-y_n|<\frac{1}{n}##, isn't by the...
  4. hilbert2

    I Hölder and log-Hölder continuity

    Now, there's this conventional definition of the Hölder continuity of a function ##f## defined on ##[a,b]\subset\mathbb{R}##: For some real numbers ##C>0## and ##\alpha >0##, and any ##x,y\in [a,b]##, ##|f(x) - f(y)|<C|x-y|^{\alpha}##. However, this does not include functions like ##f(x) =...
  5. M

    I Determining continuity using Gauss' law

    I know how Gauss law helps us to calculate the discontinuity at a point on the surface of a surface charge. Similarly using Gauss law, is there a way to determine the continuity at other points of electric field due to a surface charge or the continuity at all points of electric field due to a...
  6. M

    I Showing that B has no discontinuities at the surface

    Consider a magnetic dipole distribution in space having magnetization ##\mathbf{M}##. The potential at any point is given by: ##\displaystyle\psi=\dfrac{\mu_0}{4 \pi} \int_{V'} \dfrac{ \rho}{|\mathbf{r}-\mathbf{r'}|} dV' + \dfrac{\mu_0}{4 \pi} \oint_{S'}...
  7. T

    Lipschitz continuity

    This is not so much a "Homework" question I am just giving an example to ask about a specific topic. Homework Statement Is ##f(t,y)=e^{-t}y## Lipschitz continuous in ##y## Homework Equations I don't really know what to put here. Here is the definitions...
  8. W

    I Continuity of Green's function

    Why can't G and its derivative be continuous in the relation below? $$p(x)\dfrac{dG}{dx} \Big|_{t-\epsilon}^{t+\epsilon} +\int_{t-\epsilon}^{t+\epsilon} q(x) \;G(x,t) dx = 1$$
  9. S

    A Can quantum cellular automata simulate quantum continuous processes?

    Can quantum cellular automata/quantum game of life simulate quantum continuous processes in the continuous limit? At the end of this article: it is said that: "For example, several works simulate quantum field theoretical equations in the...
  10. T

    Showing that an exponentiation is continuous -- Help please...

    Homework Statement Let ##p\in\Bbb{R}##. Then the function ##f:(0,\infty)\rightarrow \Bbb{R}## defined by ##f(x):=x^p##. Then ##f## is continuous. I need someone to check what I've done so far and I really need help finishing the last part. I am clueless as to how to show continuity for...
  11. Peter Alexander

    Uniform convergence of a parameter-dependent integral

    Hello everyone! I'm a student of electrical engineering, preparing for the theoretical exam in math which will cover stuff like differential geometry, multiple integrals, vector analysis, complex analysis and so on. So the other day I was browsing through the required knowledge sheet our...
  12. EEristavi

    Continuity of Function - f(x)=|cos(x)|

    Homework Statement [/B] We have a function f(x) = |cos(x)|. It's written that it is piecewise continuous in its domain. I see that it's not "smooth" function, but why it is not continuous function - from the definition is should be.. Homework Equations [/B] We say that a function f is...
  13. M

    Can somebody tell me what this topic is?

    Homework Statement Could somebody link me to a youtube video explaining this topic, its from an exam paper at me college and I cant find notes on it.It think it has something to do with limits. Many thanks.
  14. S

    Prove Continuity of f(x+y) = f(x) + f(y)

    Homework Statement f(x+y) = f(x) + f(y) for all x,y∈ℝ if f is continuous at a point a∈ℝ then prove that f is continuous for all b∈ℝ. Homework Equations lim{x->a}f(x) = f(a) The Attempt at a Solution I do not understand how to prove the continuity, does f(x) = f(a) or does f(x+y) = f(a)
  15. S

    Proving the Continuity From Below Theorem

    Homework Statement Prove the continuity from below theorem. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution So I've defined my {Bn} already and proven that it is a sequence of mutually exclusive events in script A. I need to prove that U Bi (i=1 to infinity) is equal to U Ai (i=1 to infinity)...
  16. Oats

    Continuity implies bounded.

    1. The problem statement: Let ##f:[a, b] \rightarrow \mathbb{R}##. Prove that if ##f## is continuous, then ##f## is bounded. 2. Relevant Information This is the previous exercise. I have already proved this result, and the book states to use it to prove the next exercise. It also hints to use...
  17. hilbert2

    A Field strength measurement and continuity

    Something about the theory of quantum measurement/collapse in the case of quantum fields... Suppose I have a field, either a scalar, vector or spinor, that I want to describe as a quantum object. For simplicity let's say that it's a scalar field ##\phi (\mathbf{x})##, where the ##\mathbf{x}## is...
  18. M

    Variations of Regular Curves problem

    Homework Statement Let γs : I → Rn, s ∈ (−δ, δ), > 0, be a variation with compact support K ⊂ I' of a regular curve γ = γ0. Show that there exists some 0 < δ ≤ ε such that γs is a regular curve for all s ∈ (−δ, δ). Thus, we may assume w.l.o.g. that any variation of a regular curve consists of...
  19. doktorwho

    Help providing function examples

    Homework Statement This is one test question we had today and it asks as to provide examples of functions and intervals. Some may be untrue so we had to identify it. The test isnt graded yet so these are my question answers. Hopefully you'll correct me where necessary and provide a true...
  20. S

    I Differentiability of multivariable functions

    What does it mean for a ##f(x,y)## to be differentiable at ##(a,b)##? Do I have to somehow show ##f(x,y)-f(a,b)-\nabla f(a,b)\cdot \left( x-a,y-b \right) =0 ##? To show the function is not though, it's enough to show, using the limit definition, that the partial derivative approaching in one...
  21. A

    Finding value of c that makes function continuous

    Homework Statement f(x)= (sincx/x) ; x<0 1+(c)(tan2x/x) ; x≥0 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Lim as x tends to 0+[/B] = 1+c⋅2⋅(sin2x/2x)⋅(1/cos2x) =1+c⋅2⋅1⋅1= 1+2c Lim as x tends to 0 - = (sincx/x)=(c/1)⋅(sinx/x)=c⋅1=c Equating both: 1+2c=c...
  22. It's me

    Using Noether's Theorem find a continuity equation for KG

    Homework Statement Consider the Klein-Gordon equation ##(\partial_\mu \partial^{\mu}+m^2)\varphi(x)=0##. Using Noether's theorem, find a continuity equation of the form ##\partial_\mu j^{\mu}=0##. Homework Equations ##(\partial_\mu \partial^{\mu}+m^2)\varphi(x)=0## The Attempt at a Solution...
  23. A

    Prove f(y) = y for every real number y

    A function f: R->R is a continuous function such that f(q) = q for every rational number q. Prove f(y) = y for every real number y. I know every irrational number is the limit to a sequence of rational numbers. But I not sure how to prove f(y) = y for every real number y. Any ideas?
  24. E

    Electromagnetic continuity equation

    Hi, this looks stupid and simple, but I just can't get my head around it. Assuming a homogeneous medium. The electromagnetic continuity equation goes as ∇⋅J + ∂ρ/∂t = 0 since J = σE, ρ = ɛ∇⋅E, and assuming the time dependence exp(-iωt) we have σ∇⋅E - iωɛ∇⋅E = 0 (σ - iωɛ)∇⋅E = 0 So, σ - iωɛ = 0...
  25. S

    Particle in a well potential/energy continuity

    Hello again, Am facing a difficulty, the question is that , Is energy and momentum conserved for a particle in an infinite square well, at the boundary i.e, at x=a, where the potential suffers an infinite discontinuity?? V=0 for -a<=x<=a V=infinite else-where Thanks in...
  26. BiGyElLoWhAt

    Prove A~B=>f(A)~f(B) for a continuous f:X->Y

    So proofs are a weak point of mine. The hint is that a composite of a continuous function is continuous. I'm not really sure how to use that. What I was thinking was something to the effect of an epsilon delta proof, is that applicable? Something to the effect of: ##A \sim B\text{ and let } f...
  27. 0

    Is this a correct proof of a function's continuity?

    Hello, 1. Homework Statement 1) Let f(x) continuous for all x and (f(x)2)=1 for all x. Prove that f(x)=1 for all x or f(x)=-1 for all x. 2) Give an example of a function f(x) s.t. (f(x)2)=1 for all x and it has both positive and negative values. Does it contradict (1) ? 2. The attempt at a...
  28. wololo

    Multivariable continuity using limits

    Homework Statement Homework Equations lim(x,y)->(a,b)f(x,y) continuous at (a,b) if lim(x,y)->(a,b)f(x,y)=f(a,b) Squeeze theorem if lim a=lim c and lim a<= lim b <= lim c then lim b= lim c The Attempt at a Solution I proved that all the limits exist but somewhat the functions aren't all...
  29. leafjerky

    Thermodynamics - Steady State Nozzle, find area of inlet/exit

    Homework Statement In a jet engine, a flow of air at 1000 K, 200 kPa, and 40 m/s enters a nozzle, where the air exits at 500 m/s and 90 kPa. What is the exit temperature, inlet area, and exit area, assuming no heat loss? Homework Equations min = mout = m where m = mass air flow dE/dt cv = Qcv...
  30. Titan97

    Checking if f(x)=g(x)+h(x) is onto

    This is picture taken from my textbook. I understood the last two statements "To check whether..". A function is one if its strictly increasing or decreasing. But I am not able to understand the first statement. Polynomials are continuous functions. Also, a continuous function ± discontinuous...