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Convection of charged particles in oil subject to DC bias

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    Hi all,

    I have recently observed a very strange thing (or rather, I shall say unexpected phenomenon). When I deposited some charged micro-particles between 2 electrodes (vertical plates) with a DC bias in hexadecane oil, I expected the negatively charged particles to go to the positive electrode. But somehow the particles started a convective motion between 2 electrode. Can someone shed some light into this for me? Thank you all.

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    Whew, don't think i can answer that one. Until you get an answer, i would double check and make sure your experiment is set up correctly and nothing is interfering.
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    What is insulating them from the positive electrode? Is it possible that you have some conductance so that when they get close to the positive electrode they pick up a positive charge and so reverse course for the negative electrode, where the same thing happens in reverse.
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