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Converge of Complex Function

  1. May 18, 2005 #1
    In this Problem i am finding Problem to calculate the set of z:
    Pls help
    Determine all z [tex] \subset [/tex] C for which the following series is absolutely convergent:

    [tex] \sum (1/n!)(1/z)^n [/tex]

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    Do the terms look familiar? What if you set [itex]w=\frac{1}{z}[/itex]?
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    okay ...but generally how to solve such kind of problems..can u be more logical pls
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    matt grime

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    Use the ratio test (and i don't think you should accuse others of not being logical. pointing out that this is the series for exp{1/z} give or take a constant is very logical. you ought to put in the limits too).
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    its just my concepts are not clear....how can i accuse anyone here..i have learned a lot from ppl here and i wanna improve
    Sometimes even in my class i end up asking such stupid questions that whole class bursts into laughter..
    Thx for it and urs reply in pm...
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