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Convergin and divergent lens, rare situations

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    what happen if converging rays are made to pass to a convex lens?

    what happen if divergent rays are made to pass to a concave lens?
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    They converge more rapidly. For instance, the human eye has a convex lens that converges beams to form an image on the back of the eye. If your eye's lens becomes the wrong shape and does not converge the beam strongly enough, the beam has not converged to a focus by the time it hits the retina and the image is blurry. By wearing convex lens eyeglasses, the beam converges more quickly than with your flawed eye lenses alone and does converge in time to be in focus on your retina.

    They diverge more quickly. Although to find out what specifically happens, you have to take a system of lens and each time trace the rays.
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