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Conversion of DVD+R to Dvd-rom?

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    I just burned a DVD+R in my computer. However I want it to be able to play on my Sister's computer which it says to be DVD ROM. I tried opening the recorded DVD in her computer but it just doesn't get recognized. Is there a way to fix this other than buying a new DVD drive?
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    It's possible that a DVD-R (- instead of +) might play in it, since these are more compatable with older DVD rom players.
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    What did you try to open the disc with? And what did you burn onto the disc?

    If you burned a movie and you're trying to open the disc as a DVD video, it might not work if it wasn't authored by the burning program, but you should still be able to see the contents of the disc in explorer.
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    I opened it with the default windows XP thing. I burned an ISO image onto the disk with Alcohol 120. I can't even see the contents of the disk on my sister's computer.
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    Then it is probably a bad burn, which can and does happen. Try burning it again.

    What brand burner did you use and what brand disc?

    Another possibility is that the disc and the dvd writer don't work well together. When dvd burners first came out and for some time afterwards, for whatever reason which is beyond me, certain brands of dvd burners didn't work with certain brands of discs. Even more expensive discs were not exempt from this problem. This might be your problem. If reburning the ISO image doesn't work, I suggest you try a different brand of disc. If that doesn't work, try to burn the ISO with a different program. If that doesn't work, get a program (such as WinISO, or a freeware equivalent) to check the ISO file for corruption (which can be done by simply extracting all the files and see if it completes successfully or errors out. Do this if the ISO reader program doesn't have a built in function to test the ISO image). Your ISO image may have been corrupted while you downloaded it. I've noticed this is especially common when downloading large ISO files from FTP servers or if using a substandard bittorrent downloader.

    Ok, well I hope that helps.

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