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Conversion of Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle to Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

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    I’m from a group that is current working on the theory of a Hydrogen Economy. Our first area of development is the Hydrogen Highway. We are currently seeking help in the form of freelance / work for hire basically engineer(s) that could aid in design and calculations of internal combustion engine vehicles both commercial and domestic to hydrogen fuel cell conversion vehicles. We can discuss terms and compensation that fits within our research and development budget. Would like someone that could come aboard ASAP. And the position would by telecommute. If you have interest please reply to this posting. Also any ideas and comments about what we are undertaking, feelings about the Hydrogen Economy please feel free to post.
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    There are many companies offering electric vehicle conversions. Adding a fuel cell will be expensive, but there are commercially available systems.
    I found a list of fuel cell manufacturers at http://www.usfcc.com/resources/outreachproducts.html [Broken]
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