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Convert a Quadrangle to a Triangle

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    Hi all !

    I got stuck in establising an method to Convert a Quadrangle mesh to a Triangle mesh (CFD).
    I have a mesh file (.dat) which have information:
    Number of Element - Node 1 - Node 2 - Node 3 - Node 4
    1 1 2 3 4
    2 3 4 5 6
    Have anyone done like me. Can share me some information thank you so much

    luong anh
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    You need to be more specific.
    What exactly is the problem?
    What is the method that you established and where are you stuck?
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    The obvious thing to do is turn each quadrilateral into two triangles by drawing a diagonal. But if the quadrilaterals are curved (i.e. a 3D surface) the results may look different depending on which diagonal you choose.

    If that is a problem, maybe you need to find the "center" of the quadrilateral (i.e. the average of the 4 corner points) and join that to the corners to make 4 triangles.

    As gsal says it really depends what the triangle mesh will be used for.
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    :D of course , I've just wanted to remesh my model, and i write a short code to remesh it and open it by using tecplot , but now i come back home , tomorrow i will send my result to you but i got some trouble @@
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