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Homework Help: Converting d-t graph to v-t graph

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    The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    hi everyone. i am a student studying in hong kong and i have problems when i am preparing for my studies in this summer vacation. My tutorial lesson teacher gave me this graph and told me to convert it to a v-t graph. IMG_1532.jpg i have done several steps and i am wondering if i am having a good start. Can you draw me a correct answer over here? I am really grateful for your help! Thanks!

    *(A,B,C,D,E,F,G) are just points, they can be ignored.
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    There is a problem on your c-d pencil line on what I assume is your velocity v. time graph.

    It also looks like you have an S written on the y-axis of the graph drawn in pencil?

    This also probably belongs in the introduction to physics section. I dont know if the moderators move these threads.
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    in hong kong we called d-t graphs as s-t graphs (as i know)

    sorry thats wrong. the graph below is a v-t graph
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    ok then...

    Do you see what is wrong with the c to d line drawn on your s-t graph?

    s for speed... ?If it really is a v-t graph, then the slope is important, it indicates direction.
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    ok then...

    Is the slope of your d-t graph + or - in the c-d time frame?
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