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Converting w/m2 to uJ/mm2, 4usec pulse

  1. Dec 3, 2015 #1
    I need to convert light energy: 138W/m2 to uJoules / mm2, at a 4usec pulse

    J = W * seconds
    J = 138 W/m2 * 4e-6
    = 5.54e-4 J/m2

    5.54e-4 J/m2 = 5.54e-4 uJ/mm2

    5.54e-4 uJ/mm2

    Does this look correct?
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    It is correct if the light pulse can be assumed to have a box car shape in time.
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    Thanks blue_leaf. Yes, I have nice controlled square pulses. I was given some numbers to beat by a Xenon strobe, but the numbers seemed off. Good to know.
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