1. C

    Avalanche relaxation oscillator biasing resistor

    I've tried the circuit in this article. It works very well and I've obtained 2ns clear pulses at 150 V (the main issue was to find the right avalanche voltage, which turned out to be 150-160V for my 2n3904 transistor). While the basic principles of operation in this circuit is clear for me, I...
  2. Abimbola1987

    A How to calculate the energy of an arbitrary pulse

    Dear Sirs, I need to calculate the energy of the below pulse, as I'm new to dealing with AC I have some doubts on how to calculate it? I think I remember that in order to obtain energy one has to integrate the power, but I'm not sure. Also I'm not sure how to deal with the calculation of...
  3. Leggit9

    Calculation of crystal length

    Hey, The question sounds like this: I have 100 fs 400 nm pulse passing through the CaF2 crystal. After passing, it gets twice wider (200 ps). What is the length of the crystal? Can anyone share the equation which would help me to calculate this? Thank you in advance!
  4. D

    Total power of a pulsed source over time?

    Lets say I have an LED that is being pulsed once every two seconds. The LED uses 5 mA of current each time its fired and the pulse lasts for 40mS. I know the current into the LED because I measured the voltage drop across the dropping resistor of 420 ohms with a good O-Scope. So I know all...
  5. Chris Wallin

    A HF pulsed UV light effect on metal alloy

    I'm trying to understand the effect on a metal alloy of UV light (diode or laser) pulsing at about 1MHz. I am assuming that the stirring of atoms will generate heat, possibly moving the alloy to its eutectic point (depending on the alloy) and in particular to atomic motion. Can anyone...
  6. Undacuva

    B Choosing a capacitor based on desired output pulse

    Hi folks, I need to get a super capacitor which will be charged by a car battery and then connected to let out a massive pulse. (Yes a bigger pulse than my 450CCA battery can give). But first I need to work out how much capacitance will be needed. I'm not sure of the formula. Thanks
  7. Cozma Alex

    Pulse vs wave

    In images I always seen pulses as a part of a wave corresponding to an half of a piece of wave, but it is called still a pulse when we have a part with a complete wavelength? I mean this (in the photo) And what the difference between waves and pulses? What I think is that is still a pulse...
  8. F

    Determine attenuation of voltage in transmission line

    Hello, So I have a circuit where I input a square pulse with a source impedance and load impedance (which are just pure resistors) each of which can be varied and a transmission line circuit connecting them which is made up of resistors, capacitors, inductors in a lumped element model. I set...