Ansys tools for different software applications

I am a mechanical engineering student and I know that our school will use ANSYS as simulation tools in the fall semester. And when I talk with one engineer, I know that they will use different kinds of ANSYS tools for the same project. The engineer uses ANSYS’s tools: Mechanical, Fluent, Maxwell for the same project.

I am wondering in different industries what kind of ANSYS’s tools will be used at the same time to finish the simulation process.

The graph below is ANSYS’s tool category I found online. Could you kindly please give me more instruction because I want to learn more about ANSYS’s tools during the Summer?

Thank you so much. I appreciate every answer.
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Which ANSYS package you use most will depend on your skillset and the project you are working on. As an ME, you will most likely be working with the 3D Design, Materials and Structures packages. The EEs and Physicists on your team would most likely be using the Electronics and Semiconductors packages.

Browse through the links on this page to learn more about the applications of the various packages... tools&utm_adposition={adposition}&utm_content=72773988209833&utm_phone=844-859-6328&msclkid=f743620bd4061cbc7e733f0154fb72d8

Thank you so much. I learn a lot from that. Could you tell me some popular tools in the 3D Design, Materials and Structures and Electronics packages? Thank you again.

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