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Copyright law when making youtube videos about science?

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    Hi, Let's say I was to make a youtube video on a science topic such as:
    Chemistry - The citric acid cycle from the book Biochemistry by Stryer (Copyrighted)
    Or The fundamental theorem of calculus

    Would it be legal to take the formulas from the book, draw them on a whiteboard and videotape it while i use the explanations from the copyrighted book, just with my own words?

    The confusion on copyright rules keep me from making educational videos because i'm not quite sure what part's in science are copyrighted and what parts are not. I find this a bit frustrating and I can't seem to find any rules addressing this specific question.
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    Pretty sure formulas can't be copyrighted, and I'm sure Stryer got those formulas from somewhere else and didn't invent them himself.
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    Yea that makes sense :)
    So i guess i can basically teach anything, even chemistry techniques and methods, as long as it's not company secrets and as long as i make my own drawings and writing.
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    You should check with the publisher, using small amounts is ok under fair use. There are different rules based upon your use. To be safe, get an ok from the company that holds the copyright. Never assume it's "ok".
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