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Corrosiveness of NaOH (Problem)

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    How bad would the ingestion of 10ml^3 of NaOH be, if there is just enough water for the NaOH to dissolve? (Also, what about 25ml^3)?

    I have seen acid burns on a hand of a person almost two days after contact, but if it was ingested in aqueous solution, how bad would the 10ml^3 be?

    Would this cause corrosion of the Esophagus?

    How bad would this be? if left for a couple of hours?

    I'm asking incase of accidental ingestion (due to the solution being colourless, although I know of course to label any container with the solution that it includes), however accidents do happen.

    Thank you.
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    Bad enough to require medical attention.

    I don't see anything to discuss here. Topic locked.
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