Could domes have had the function of camera obscura but not anymore?



    i mean seems evident a dome is intended as a camera obscura even oculus in latin means eye

    but how is it posible that knowledge isnt any more?

    what sense does it make to put a flat lens in the oculus so theres no effect any more? why they dont put the right optics oculus in domes?

    it would appear to people as walking of clouds , quite appropiate for the place:confused:

    well i just found an obscure reference: oculus camera obscura&f=false
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  3. Evo

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    Please post a specific reference, a link to a book is not satisfactory.
  4. well this is a personal theory slightly backed up by that book( i cant copy paste)
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    hmmm.... My personal theory is that it was the predecessor to the sunroof.

  6. Evo

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    That's what I thought, sorry, we don't allow personal theories.
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