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Could multiple dimensions explain quantum leap?

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    please point out the flaws/add to my reasoning here:

    it is known that energy is quantized, but could that be for just the 3 dimensions we're able to experience? Is it illogically to propose that energy might not be quantized when looking at all of the dimensions together? this could explain quantum leaping, to us it appears as though electrons jump from one orbital to another with out spending any time between the two because it cannot absorb/emit energy of those levels. What if electrons can absorb/emit energy of those levels but when they do they exist in other dimensions (beyond the three we can observe) and so it only seems to us as though the electron jumps orbitals skipping the space between, but in reality it is traveling through that space but only through another dimension?

    (I understand that this untested "theory" has little to no mathematical evidence to support it, but keep in mind I'm only a freshman undergraduate so I've spent very little time studying these subjects)
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    good point! I'm new to this so ill remove this thread and stick to the rules next time
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    If you want to start a new thread that's fine, but, providing we stay away from personal speculation we can continue here if you like.

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    ok, i would like to continue then!
    -what do you mean the energy of a free particle? are you saying that energy isn't always quantized or am i misinterpreting?
    -also, if you feel capable could you try to explain our understanding of quantum leap? (keep in mind you're talking to someone who has only taken college level general chemistry)
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