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Aerospace Could the Airbus grant Increase aerospace jobs?

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    Hi guys, :D

    MORE good news it seems. was reading , http://www.themanufacturer.com/uk/content/9339/Airbus_get_" [Broken] and it said Airbus was getting a 28 million pound grant.

    This will keep close on 2000 http://www.careers-jobs.eu/aerospace-jobs" [Broken] safe.

    Could this be the sign that things are changing? I hope so, It will mean we can all breathe a little easier.
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    28M GBP ($50M) for 2000 jobs - sounds about the typical backhander for aerospace.
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    True, but i suppose every lil bit helps ey? another small piece of a larger puzzle.
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    As an ex employee of Airbus, i watched a new factory being built on site, for the composite wing project(hence the 28 million),and at the same time, redundancies were being processed.
    Talk about mis management. And the voluntary redundancies weren't all exactly voluntary. If you were unfortunate enough to have had any time off with illness, then you were getting compulsary. (zero payout, for under two years). So, a lot of people were forced out with their "voluntary" redundancy.
    That place is saturated with management. 90% of those managers are really bad at their job.
    It'll take more than 28 million to safeguard the remaining workforce (6500) approx.
    Someone mentioned it would keep 2000 jobs safe. Airbus broughton could not operate at those manning levels.
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