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Could this process using gravity generate electricity?

  1. Jan 14, 2012 #1
    Imagine a pallet (or any other kind of small platform) tied to a cable or wire, which is itself attached to a turbine, all of this elevated a few meters above the ground. Now imagine a heavy ball or weight that falls on the pallet and pushes it down, thus pulling the cable down which activates the turbine and makes it rotate as a result. Assuming a generator, gear-transmission box, etc,... are properly installed, could this process generate electricity, theoretically speaking?

    The omission of the energy needed to get the weight back up or anything else that would make this arrangement unproductive is intended, I just want to know if this process could theoretically be a means to rotate a turbine and generate electricity.

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    yes don't pendulum clocks use weights to cause the clock to run, no turbine but its running. Similarly wind turbines use the wind but you could attach a weight to blade pulling it down can generating electricity for an instant or two.
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    Great thanks, good analogies!
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