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Cranston residents protest sign urging cancer patient to die

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    Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse:

    From http://newsblog.projo.com/2011/08/cranston-neighbors-upset-by-si.html" [Broken]
    This is very bizarre behavior to be sure... harassing and bullying taken to an extreme...

    Rhody... :eek: :yuck:
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    We live in a sad world.
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    This guy who I learned more about on talk radio is 71 years old. From what others have said about him is that he has been this way for over 20 years, and IMO is suffering from some undiagnosed mental illness. What triggered the latest episode is that the guy who has cancer said hello to the guy's wife who has a problem near his home. The guy with cancer didn't know the other guy with issues saw him.

    He needs some sort of intervention, either punishment, therapy or both. This guy also lets his lawn grow really tall, and then mows hateful insults into it, and shines his garage lights into other neighbors windows at night. He is not dealing with a full deck. I feel for the poor guy who has struggled with cancer, he is putting up a fight and see if he can get the neighbor evicted, arrested, or basically removed from his neighborhood. The are having nightly hour long protests in front of his neighbor's house to attract attention to him and keep the pressure on until something happens, one way or another. I wish him well in his fight.

    Rhody... :mad:
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    Wow. Anti Social Personality Disorder, perhaps????

    I feel sorry for his wife. Run little lady!

    And best of luck to Mr Gold. I can't understand why there is so much like this in society. It is saddening.
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    Jimmis (no relation) obviously has issues. How can anyone be aware of these issues and yet be insulted by him or protest against him?
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    Half the country has issues so what else is new. Just recently some 60% of the population expressed doubts about their own president being a US citizen. Ten percent of the population is on antidepressants alone. I sometimes suspect the whole reason for the democrats pushing for healthcare reform is so they can medicate the population better as new drugs become available.
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    Hmm... doubting a president's citizenship =/= telling a cancer patient to die.

    Some people are total jerks, I don't know why people are surprised.
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    It is not the case that half the country has issues as severe as Mr. Jimmis'.
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    Jimmis is NOT a nice name.
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    Where I live a lot of blacks prefer the open bigotry of southerners to the hidden bigotry of Yankees. They'd rather people were honest with them rather then giving them the runaround or stabbing them in the back. You can call them jerks, but at least they're honest jerks.
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    No, but as you sow so shall ye reap.
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    I'm not sure what that means in this context. It seems to me that Mr. Jimmis would just as soon insult a turnip as insult a cancer patient. And if I were a cancer patient, I would no sooner be insulted by him than if I were a turnip.
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    For the record, the neighbor has tried two approaches to make peace or at least keep at bay his whacko neighbor, he tried the killing you with kindness approach, that failed, then he tried ignoring him, that failed miserably as well, Mr Gold who has been in remission from cancer having fought it since 2009 sounded remarkably restrained as he gave the history on talk radio with his ornery neighbor.

    Cranston police asked Jimmis to remove the sign which he did, replacing it with one that said, Love your Neighbor, but Mr Gold wants a normal life back and is organizing peaceful protests outside Jimmis's residence with police presence. Hopefully to force his neighbor to move. I don't blame him, I doubt I could act as restrained as Mr Gold did under the circumstances. Logically, one would hope that the police would ask Jimmis if he was armed and to voluntarily surrender his weapons if he had any, at least until this issue is settled with his neighbor. I will keep you informed as to how this plays itself out, hopefully with a peaceful outcome.

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    Here is a http://www.630wpro.com/Article.asp?id=2254052&spid=18074" with a blow by blow interview with both Jimmis and Gold being interviewed. Interesting dialog. Jimmis ex-brother in law says he has two sides, one can be nice, but as soon as you turn away he will stab you in the back. He has more telling stories. Listen, then judge for yourselves.

    The ACLU is involved now and there is no sign or Jimmis facing the demonstrators, or Mr Gold backing down in his efforts to get him to move. I found it interesting that a pretty young reporter for WPRO was allowed in to Jimmis's residence for an interview last night around 9:30 after the media circus left. He is known for his crude sexual remarks towards women. The reporter did not say anything to that effect, possibly because Jimmi's wife was present during the interview.

    Rhody... :rolleyes:
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    Gold says he isn't mad, but seems determined to wind up Jimmis until he leaves. it's only going to make it worse. maybe he'll take the radio guy's advice.
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