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Crazy thing happens when I play with my laser

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    I have a strong green laser, about 200 mw. I discovered this a long time ago and have wondered why it does this ever since...

    I shine my laser at a mirror. It bounces back, with a brighter beam. That's not what confuses me. What confuses me is when I try to aim the bounceback beam to perfectly intersect with my current beam, I get this CRAZY pattern on the wall right behind my hands:


    Kind of like this, but the waves get closer and closer together the further from the center.

    I am so confused and confounded by this. Can someone explain the physics behind this?
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    I can't speak on the specifics of the situation without a picture of the 'ripples', but what is happening is that the light is interfering with itself which causes an interference pattern, I believe the pattern is circular when a beam is interfering with itself, which would explain this.
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    Its weird though, because the pattern, while strongest when the laser hits itself, appears even when the beam is not touching itself but still being reflected off of the mirror.
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    Very hard to get a picture of it too.
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    do it anyways, but the answer is interference.
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    I don't blame you!

    I can imagine why that happens, and to me it definitely sounds like self-interference.
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    Managed to get a video of it.


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    I would suspect that an interference pattern is being generated from the two interfaces of the mirror.

    Try doing the same experiment with the shiny side of tin foil instead of a mirror. I would expect the pattern to be not present if the above hypothesis is true.
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    Claude Bile

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    It looks like an Airy pattern, which is what you would get when scattering off a small particle.

    If the laser is powerful enough, it can form a defect which it then scatters off in the manner that you recorded in your youtube video.

    In short, it is likely scattering off a point-like source rather than interference per se.

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