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Create Variable Inductance in SPICE

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    I'm trying to create a variable inductance in SPICE, specifically in NI Multisim. What I'm trying to do is create a saturable inductor. I need an inductor that changes it's inductance with current. Multisim does have a "virtual" inductor that you can create a inductance function with but I can't really get it to work and I used NI but their help isn't that great either.

    Has any created a variable inductor or a saturable inductor in some sort of a SPICE program (or Multisim)?

    Any help is greatly appreicated. Thanks!
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    It's pretty easy. You just put a polynomial voltage controlled current source in parallel with the L0.

    The trick is, what do you set the coefficients to. If you're trying to match an actual particular inductor, you're probably going to have to measure and curve fit it.

    See page 2 of this PDF.
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