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Creating a robot that will turn left and right

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    hello. I wanna know the instructions of how o make a robot but make it turn at several intervals to left and right,
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    What do you know already about making simple robots? What microcontrollers (uCs) have you worked with so far? What projects have you built so far?
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    i have no background of building robots. i am only on year 12... i have limited knowledge about circuits and everything.
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    ok then probably not the sort of project for you to start out on. Its going to get pretty complex. You would need LOTS of guidance by teachers, electronics lecturers etc

    thats not going to stop you doing some googling on robotics to start learning about how to control them. :)
    something to consider....
    is the turning left and right coing to be automated by the robot in response to its surroundings ?
    or is the robot going to be remote controlled by radio like say a radio control car so that the turning left and right is selected my the operator of the remote ?

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    the robot has to be fully automated. ouyr teachers told us we can use the adruino uno stuff. i had also look at videos on how to make robot on internet. well for the device turning, the robot has obtacles to avoid so i think its good if i can calculate the distance travelled and then program it to turn after x seconds...
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    any ideas please?
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