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Critical point exponents inequalities - The Coopersmith inequolity

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    The Coopersmith inequolity:
    [tex]T=T_c, H\rightarrow 0^+[/tex]

    I'm confused by few things. What means [tex]H\rightarrow 0^+[/tex]? And what difference will be if [tex]H\rightarrow 0^-[/tex]? And what means [tex]T=T_c[/tex] if we can't measure [tex]T_c[/tex] in experiments?

    Then there is relation [tex]M \sim H^{\frac{1}{\delta}}[/tex]
    That means if I understand well that
    [tex]\frac{1}{\delta}=\lim_{H\rightarrow 0}\frac{lnM(H)}{lnH}[/tex]
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    Any answer?
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