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Homework Help: Crystallization Report - What is a Good Yield?

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    I did my lab work a week ago and in the lab report I am to discuss my results, and how successful. If not successful, then why not. Our Organic Chem. lab was on crystallization and we had to obtain pure Benzoic Acid crystals from 2 grams of a crude material.

    My question is for such an experiment, what is usually considered a good percentage yield? Or should I discuss my success based on my own techniques and patience with the experiment?

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    If you have no idea about the composition of the crude material, you can't say anything about what is a good yield.
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    I see, that is what I was thinking. It is just that they asked for us to discuss the success of our experiments, but that is a general format for all labs in this course. I would assume I could just discuss based on my own ideas and thoughts.

    Thanks by the way.
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