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Homework Help: Current balances & Electromagnet Induction

  1. Dec 3, 2007 #1
    I am doing a question about Current balances & Electromagnet Induction and i cnat seem to figure out a few thing and i was hoping someone could help me, so here is the question:

    A conducting bar moves to the right along parallel,frictionless conducting rails connected on one end by a 6.00ohm resistor. A 2.50T magnetic field is directed into the paper. The length is 1.20m and the mass of the bar is negligible.

    *calculate teh applied force that is necessary to move the bar to the right at a constant speed of 2.00m/s.

    *determine the rate at which energy dissipated in the resistor.

    *calculate the power outputted by the resistor if the speed of the rod is doubled.
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    What paper? Where is it? on the back of the conductor, underneath it, beside it??

    What is the resistance of teh conducting bar?

    Where is the field applied and how? I ask, because if it is induced across the rails by a voltage that conducting bar sitting on those frictionless rails is going to go west in a real hurry.
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