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Custom Trailer Project Questions

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    I am building a custom trailer, that will have "cages" ranging in size from 20" tall by 40" wide by 6' long to 39" tall, 40" wide, 8' long. And stacked up to 6 high and 2 wide. Now with my questions. I want to be able to open or unfold the cages kinda like a fishing tackle box out sideways of the deck. And then be able to slide them out away from the trailer on each side separating each cage by 15' to 20' or more(using hydraulics?) I would also like to be able to run wiring thru the cages and back to the trailer deck. The problems I am facing are how to run all the wiring and be able to have it expand and retract with the "arms" between each cage. And exactly what kind of "arms" (fold able hydraulic piston?) to use. Because they would have to be able to collapse down in a fairly small space on each end of the cages when stacked on the deck of the trailer. I have a good understanding of basic electrical and a fair understanding of mechanical stuff. So I can kind of visualize what I am trying to build but I am having trouble getting detailed diagrams and schematics drawn. At this point I am trying to get the diagrams drawn so I can build some models to test the mechanical parts. Any input would be great.
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