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Cyclotron - relationship between velocity and radius

  1. Feb 14, 2014 #1
    cyclotron -- relationship between velocity and radius

    in a cyclotron the radius of the path of electron increases.but how if the velocity of the electron is accelerated its kinetic energy should only increase but why is it's radius increasing despite the fact that it's moving to the dee with same polarity?
    there is no relation between radius(scalar) and velocity(vector)
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    Your question is not very clear. Can you please try re-phrasing it to make your question more clear? Perhaps you can refer to the equations on this introductory page to show us what you are confused about:


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    the radius of the electron is increasing every time its accelerates towards the dee.few websites says its due to the velocity.
    my question how can the velocity cause such increment.

    is it due to radius = velocity/ψ where ψ is the angular frequency?
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    Where does the wiki page say that? (the part of your quote that I've bolded)
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    let me correct myself it is not the wiki page stating that i found that in this link


    but if it is due to radius = velocity/ψ where ψ is the angular frequency,

    then on increasing velocity kinetic energy increases resulting in increase in ψ,so increase in velocity would be compensated by increase in ψ so radius remain constant resulting in a circular path
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    so why is the radius not a constant as it keeps increasing uniformly?
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