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Data Exclusion Protection in Windows -- need solution

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    I have installed one app in windows 7 ultimate. When I run .exe file it will open but suddenly message will come like

    Then i tried to change it in My computer setting that is My computer->properties->advanced system setting->advanced tab->performance setting->Data Execution Prevention->Turn on DEP for all programms and services except those I select
    Then added executeble file and clicked add but it is showing like


    what is solution for this problem???
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    On some systems, there's also a BIOS setting to disable / enable DEP.
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    Not sure why you want to run a program that crashes. Do you have information to the effect that this particular app needs to execute from its data area?

    Generally that is caused by a software bug.

    There is nothing in the first message that says the problem was caused by data-execution-protection. Do you have information that says otherwise?
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    No I don't have any other information. For analysis purpose I have to run this app.
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