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Dean of the Dept. Teaching My Class

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    I am an engineering major at a large research university. This upcoming fall, one of my classes is taught by the Dean of the Engineering Department. Almost all scholarships within the engineering department are "selected by faculty," without an application process, so my impression could have monetary consequences.

    How can I make it so he recognizes me as a good student, and a hard worker? I'm only just starting my sophomore year, so if the dean of my department can connect my face with my name, it could be a good thing if my name pops up on a list for scholarship consideration within the next couple of years.

    I don't want to be creepy assertive and friendly though, which is why I ask: "What is the most appropriate way to go about getting noticed by your professor?"
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    you have two options

    1. take acting classes and FAKE IT that you're a hard worker and good student.

    2. just be a good student and work hard.

    I don't think there's anything else. Flaunt it enough so he notices too xD
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