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Dear Experts I like Hydraulic mechanisms as it can be used to lift

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    Dear Experts

    I like Hydraulic mechanisms as it can be used to lift heavy things with little force.

    I like to find out more about it.

    1. How is leaking prevented ? Fluid is used to transfer the energy. For example, oil. It is so fine, how can the oil not ooze from the piston-cylinder gap?

    Or how is such situation mitigated? For example , hydraulic brake system used in a car. How is it made practical and safe given the oil is so fine it can ooze out of the hydraulic system when under pressure?

    Have a nice day.

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    Re: hydraulic

    Modern hydraulic sealing technology is incredibly amazing, far beyond the scope of this forum. I'd suggest that you go look at the catalogs from the seal manufacturers. Most have engineering details sections that would help you understand much. You might start with Parker, but a Google search would yield a very large number of such suppliers.
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    Re: hydraulic

    Thanks for your information.

    Have a nice day.
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    Re: hydraulic

    Is the flowrate and velocity of a steam pipe and that of the condensate going back to the boiler the same? if so, when designing, do you design them both to be the same pipe diameter (that of the condensate and steam)?
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    Re: hydraulic

    Mass flow rate is the same. Volume flow rate is much different. Speed is whatever you design it to be. The two pipes are two entirely different designs.
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    Connect 2 hydraulic cylinders

    Hello anyone plz help me,

    I found the oil leakage at the joint of two hydraulic cylinders when I installing lift. Then how to connect 2 hydraulic cylinders?
    Thanks :)
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