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Debroglie wavelength of a baseball

  1. Dec 17, 2005 #1
    ok can someone please explain to me why this is wrong? debroglie of a baseball weighing 1kg is h/(1kg * v). You through this at a double slit at 10^-34 m/s which makes the wavelength equal to 6.63 meters. for a double slit its d*sin(theta) = m * (wavelength) so you get theta = sin^-1(6.63/d). If the distance between the slits is 12 meters, you get a theta of 33.5 degrees for the first maxima. After sending a lot of baseballs through there should be a very noticeable diffraction pattern right? I know this would take 3 * 10 ^26 years to get one baseball through, but it could be done with something smaller than a baseball thats still visible.. and anyway, it cant be true that there would be a diffraction pattern from this. I mean, baseballs being shot at two slit thats are 12 meters apart? theyre going to hit the part in between them right?
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    What's the uncertainty in position when you know that the baseball is moving at 10^(-34)m ?
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    you dont know exactly how fast it is moving. In fact, the uncertainty of the speed is higher than the position since u can see the thing.
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