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Define Electromagnetic Spacetime

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    Can someone define Electromagnetic Spacetime for me?

    Even though it is not unified with GR is it valid to think of its shape as subject to all the rules of geometry as GR?
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    EM is usually done in Minkowski spacetime which is flat and is the limit to which GR tends when there are no sources present.
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    I know about "electro-magnetism" and "space-time". But I have never seen the phrase "electromagnetic spacetime" before. Could you explain what you mean? cosmik debris seems to think you mean electro-magnetism in space time. Is that correct?
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    Could this be a reference to Kaluza-Klein theory, where electromagnetism is describe by a geometric spacetime?

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    Can electromagnetic space-time be regarded as a four dimensional space-time that coexists with the gravitational one? My understanding is that Kaluza-Klein theory tries to unify both, but falls short.
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    As Cosmik Debris said, EM is covered in a 4D Minkowski space, I'm not really sure what you're asking.

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    Kaluza-Klein uses 5D, where one spatial dimension is rolled into a circle. This does unify GR with EM but has some limitations. I am no expert on this so I won't comment further.
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